• Ship Preview: A small ship preview is now available when cycling through ships in the colony screen, along with mini map of the modules and statistical data of each ship.

  • Governors and Orbital Defense Plan: Governor code was enhanced and now works better with military buildings. Also, governors now manage orbital defense plan, able to build, scrap and upgrade Platforms, Stations and Shipyards.The players can disable the Governor Orbital Defense Plan if they wish to handle it themselves and let governors deal with import/export and building management.

  • Militia If you select a Governor to manage the colony's interests, you will be able to let the Governor build a small militia for you, so you'll have troops available in each planet.

  • Trade: Freighter code was rewritten. The player can select Auto trade as before, and can also let the best freighter designs for the job be built automatically, or select a specific freighter design for their empire. Moreover, they can manage their empire's freighters manually. by selecting goods type to be transported per per freighter. Moreover, your idle freighters will transport Food and Production to other empires which you have trade agreements with if the range is not too high. These empires will do the same for you. The benefit is also a big tariff per completed trade.

You can also define Area of Operation (AO) for your freighters, in order to limit their trading area for specific zone you want. you can even select specific planets (including trade allies) to limit trade to these only, or combine them with AO as well. These will work for Automatic and Manual trade.

  • Texture Atlases: The code was changed to load texture in atlas mode. Allowing better memory managements.
  • Tech Tree: Food related tech are now well hidden from any race with the Cybernetic trait.
  • Home Defense: A new feature for home defense planet building is now available. A building can contain a hangar for several home defense ships which will be launched to fight invading forces. The best home defense ships to be launched is selected and their cost is removed from the empire budget, until (and if) they return back home. These ships can be controlled only in battle. After the battle they will automatically land on their home planet. Number of home defense ships is displayed in the plant info screen.

  • Custom Main Menu Screen: A custom main menu screen can now be created for mods, with animation, lighting and more control.

  • Suns: New suns are available, and more can be added by using yaml format.

  • Budget Screen - Excess Goods: Excess goods are generated on planets which have their storage full. Excess goods are taxed according to the empire tax rate and added to the empire budget. This ensures that planets with full storage continue to contribute some of their production and food to the empire.

  • Manual Control: Manual control was removed due to lack of usage and code quality.
  • Terraforming: Added Terraforming indicators and recommendations.

  • Rebase Troops to Ship: Troop ships now attract free small troop ships or free troops on the nearest planet when they are low on troops. This can be disabled by a button in the ship info UI.

  • Custom Thrusters Color: Custom Thrusters Color can be defined per race for mods.
  • Combat Screen Troops: You can now launch all troops, land all troops or a single troops in the combat screen, if you have them orbiting or nearby the viewed planet.

  • Colony Screen New Buttons: The colony got new buttons. Launch a random single troop, Call Troops (not, but color was updated) and quick build defense orbitals. It also now has specifications of what orbitals the Governor has vs. desired, if you let it manage your orbitals for you.

FatBastard78 (talk) 13:18, March 8, 2019 (UTC)

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